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Based in part on Moore’s Law, the  volume and diversity of existing and new data generated are almost mind boggling.  As this growth continues, so do the opportunities for organizations to use their data to create change. 

Our analytics practice helps clients identify and capture significant value from data, and turn them into competitive advantages.

§  Focus of  aCatalyst Analytics is help smaller businesses and organisations create an analytics advantage, that large corporations take for granted.

Accelerate – is a monthly subscription based tool designed to ‘shift the needle’ in business performance

In these unusual times, now is the moment to look forward, to where your business needs to be.

Lost customers, flat sales, weak spots in a faltering business model – are all problems Accelerate will address. Based on the power of analytics, combined with aCatalyst’s insights on strategy and operations, Accelerate is a powerful practical business tool. Designed to give smaller businesses the analytics advantages, big business already has.

Business opportunities are there, but which ones are right, to give you a market advantage? There is a need to perfect your product, but how?

Accelerate is a business diagnosis platform that gives you insights on the focus areas to accelerate growth and profitability. Helping you identify the real problems, through a number of diagnostic tests, to be run on the operational data to determine your business health.

Presentation is done on a diagnosis web dashboard and a report. Accelerate is based on 3 phases:

  • Diagnosis – working with you, analyzing what the numbers and research tells us
  • Setting strategic direction – identifying the leverage point actions to take
  • Being in action – working hand in hand, to make sure the business results are delivered.

Affordable, Accelerate is based on a monthly subscription of KSh 18,500. Accelerate is a business analytics and coaching tool from aCatalyst Consulting, powered by Bridge Analytics.

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