Strategy as a Service – Alternative to the Traditional Consulting Approach

Strategy as a Service [SaaS] provides a quick response and cost effective flexibility to changing needs.  aCatalyst Consulting’s approach to strategy is to begin with the end in mind. Strategy is an often misused word. What many businesses have is an operational plan that lists ‘things to do’ rather than a clear map that sets out leverage point areas to focus on, to increase profitability and market share. 

Studies show that for most executives setting a successful differentiating strategy, and ensuring day to day activities are in line with the strategy is a problem. 

Powered by Bridge Analytics, our Strategy as a Service approach allows us to work with business leaders, in a modular short or longer term basis. We commit to the client’s metrics of success and work in an open book way to ensure results in a cost effective manner. 

Typically we assist with:

  • Corporate strategy development
  • Stress testing an existing strategy
  • Innovation and new business creation.

We work hand in hand with managers — building up a feeling of trust and rapport — and coach them as they develop both the overall corporate plan for the company and the individual business unit plans, stressing logical and analytical thinking and a touch of creativity.

Typically, we divide our assignments, into two parts:

  • diagnosis: acting alongside managers in analysing the concerns the company faces.
  • results achievement: working together in ensuring an operational and financial impact is achieved.

Our experience is that strategic management must take into account all the dimensions of the organisation, for instance, marketing, finance, operations, staffing, systems and corporate culture.

Creating a scorecard that shows on [an almost] real time basis how the key indicators are performing is a part of our approach.

In the final analysis, the work should result in a strategy that is:

  • identifiable – both in words and practice
  • unique to the company
  • consistent with the marketplace in Kenya and further afield
  • in alignment with the capital and human resources available
  • a clear stimulus to effort and commitment.

When the approach is working, there will be early indications of responsiveness from customers, staff and in the broader marketplace. 

aCatalyst Consulting has a track record of working with leading companies, and those aspiring to be market leaders. We create value for clients, by working with them, in addressing the significant problems and issues they face that impact their success.

At aCatalyst we aim to be a creative thought leader, continually learning with an imagination associated with youth, combined with the wisdom and experience associated with maturity.

Bridge Analytics believes that every business should be able to make decisions – in the same manner – as the global leaders in their respective industries.

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